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Supplier Information

Strategic Elements for Purchasing:

  1. Best possible purchasing price (TCO) through bundling, intense competition and combination of new awards with existing business
  2. Efficient supplier structure and professional world wide supplier management elaborated and deployed in all regions
  3. Error free externally purchased parts and logistical processes
  4. Best world wide TCO sourcing wherever possible in the region for the region
  5. Waste free value streams enabling transparent supply chains from customers to suppliers, risks are managed and CSR requirements fulfilled
  6. Speed and agility: Effective and efficient standardized processes and communication using multilane approach and data transparency
  7. Strategic long term planning of raw materials; early strategic integration of technology trends, innovation and new business models
  8. Committed and competent associates, qualified for future business and methods, taking advantage of diversity (gender, culture)

Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Syntegon Japan - Edition 02/2020 (Japanese only)