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Specialized MedTech device
Specialized MedTech device assembly, labeling, handling & packaging

Specialized medical device assembly


Specialized medical devices such as cannulas, line sets and IV catheters support easy administration for patients. For this to work out properly, they need to be reliably assembled, labeled, and packed. This is where the Syntegon solutions come into play: our systems cover the safe assembly, labeling, handling, and secondary packaging of specialized medical devices. Thanks to their customized platform design, our manual, semi and fully automated systems allow for a high level of customization, helping you meet the requirements of both the market and of a wide variety of medical devices.


Key benefits

Flexible design
Our platforms can be easily adapted to your assembly requirements, including specific set-ups for your production.
No matter which output range you aim for, our systems support smooth transitions between different production capacities.
Our compact systems allow for easy integration into upstream and downstream processes, contributing to high OEE.

Medical device assembly solutions & features

Assembly and labeling solutions for MedTech devices

Have a look at our precise and reliable assembly solutions for different specialized MedTech devices. Fast changeovers between the different formats and multiple labeling options are only some of the many facets to discover.

Our vast assembly portfolio does not miss out on solutions that are designed to meet the special requirements of line set assembly. Thanks to our versatile platforms, you can assemble up to 200 catheters per minute, depending on the complexity of your operations. 


  • Extensive experience in line setups 
  • Automatic assembly including inline self-calibrating processes 
  • Efficient footprint through compact design 
  • Hygienic design for easy cleanability and line clearance 
  • Modular design for future upgrades in speed, products or automation 
  • Fully integrated controls and HMI, with separate data and video feeds 
  • Equipped with vision and parameter control (e.g. process and device specifics) 

Use case scenarios

Medical device assembly

Auto-injectors, Safety devices and pens assembly machines.

Integrated line assembly and packaging

Our integrated pharma solutions offer you services that go far beyond our broad portfolio of machines and process equipment.

PCI Pharma Services relies on RDA assembly machines from Syntegon Technology
Explore Assembly and Labeling solutions for medical devices
Quick format change

Format changeovers can be done quickly and easily with standard tooling and by trained operators.

High speed device and packaging marking

We offer inline laser or other marking technologies for different containers and packaging styles.

Technical data of our assembly machines

More than 
years of experience
More than 
lifetime years
More than 
Technical data - MedTech device assembly
Machine dimensios:

From 1m x 1,5m

Output: Device dependent
Capacity: Depending on device and level of automation

Servo and magnetic driven linear units for precise movements

Our specialized assembly machines are designed for a long lifetime, and 24 -hour operations. All components are from recognized brands, and obtainable all over the world. We never use any component or automation part to 100%, always leaving a buffer capacity. Based on our standardized modules, we can address any special need or space requirement.

Different types of machines

Our assembly machines are modular and fully flexible for any demand you might have. Our machines feature a future-proof design, facilitating agility, flexibility and speed.


This machine is designed for small batches and clinical trials with auto-injectors, safety devices, pens, and other standard devices. It features a workstation for manual loading and unloading of components and devices; all other processes are performed automatically. This way, the range manual assembly machines achieve an output of between one and five devices per minute.



The semi-automatic machine comes with a manual infeed, while all assembly processes are automated. An upgrade to an automatic infeed is possible at any time. With an output of up to 50 devices per minute, the machines of this range have a big selection of add-on modules.



Our fully automated device assembly machines can assemble up to 200 devices per minute. The fully automatic infeed and outfeed is fully integratable with upstream and downstream equipment. Moreover, we offer you a large selection of add-on modules like labelling, tracing etc.



Our labeling solutions span from manual loads to 500 automatic labels per minute. All labeling systems are fully servo-driven and have an integrated HMI with full control of all parameters. To maintain high outputs, the platform features label reject before application, and automatic reel exchange. Moreover, you receive integrated vision verification and a selection of printing technologies.




Our case packers are highly modular and can fit any product need. The high-speed unit features with several additional options, e.g. for traceability. It is adjustable for different sizes of cartons and shipper boxes. Thanks to its modularity, our case packers can accommodate several different layout scenarios.

casepacker -top-loading-machine



The TLU is a highly versatile tray handling unit, which can be adjusted and designed to accommodate most containers at speeds up to 600 units per minute. We can adopt UDI to individual containers at maximum speed with different marking technologies.



The Syntegon rondo tray loader and unloader is your ideal solution with speeds up to 600 containers per minute. The systems can be integrated upstream or downstream, with additional modules for marking and integrity checking.



Our de-nesters and re-nesters are adaptable for almost any upstream or downstream equipment like inspection machines. They can run with or without glass-to-glass contact and are suited for both nested and bulk containers.



Service Agreements
Service Agreements


Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions






Technical Support
Technical Support






Expert Services
Expert Services


Why choose a Syntegon MedTech Assembly machine?


About us

Our tailor-made solutions are highly reliable and have a lifespan of far beyond 20 years. We analyze and discuss all processes in detail with our customers to support them with everything they need – from performance to maintenance to documentation.

Up to 
device per minute
and more lifetime years
years of experience
Footprint from 
square meter

Our expertise, your advantage

PCI Pharma Services relies on RDA assembly machines from Syntegon Technology

We handle your challenge to perfection! PCI Pharma Services relies on the RDA auto-injector Range Device Assembly machine from Syntegon. Our solutions are designed to meet market requirements and standard device manufactures specifications, while always having patient’s safety in mind.


Our expertise, your advantage

Whatever business case you are facing, we are the partner you can rely on. We also have a solution for your products. ​
Our services include feasibility studies, conceptual, basic, and detailed designs, as well as construction management and validation services for the GMP area.  ​
As a leading provider of processing and packaging technology, we provide all necessary equipment for handling, assembly, labeling and packaging in a comprehensive portfolio. 
Are you looking for advice on our assembly, labeling and packaging solutions or do you have a specific project in mind? Get in touch with our experts! 


Product portfolio for Range device assembly machines
Product portfolio for Range device assembly machines

Have a look at the entire portfolio for a comprehensive overview


Various solutions for handling up to 600 parts per minutes, with or without glass contact

 Flexibility for Patients and Drug Manufacturers
Flexibility for Patients and Drug Manufacturers

Flexible assembly and secondary packaging








Frequently asked questions

Yes, our machines are designed to span a wide device range and don’t impose any dimension limits.

Yes, we cover systems design and processes in-house and offer engineering to order, thus having full control of all size-related aspects.

Yes, our machines are designed to be adapted regarding capacity as well as devices.