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Digital Solutions

Future-proof production

From individual machines to lines and production processes, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers share a common goal: they must make sure that different production factors interact perfectly to get maximum availability, performance and quality from their equipment.

Our comprehensive Digital Solutions portfolio, which covers maintenance, spare parts management, operator training and more, helps to achieve this goal. A fact that is easily overlooked: especially in times of increasing packaging automation, first-class service needs a solid, digital foundation. The ability to digitally monitor machine conditions, process steps or malfunctioning equipment opens up new opportunities for highly customized support.


Synexio is a partnership - We support you every step of the way

Synexio is a cloud-based solution for the collection, evaluation and visualization of machine and production data – both historical and in real-time. It will be offered in three different packages: “Monitor”, “Uptime” and “Empower”. Each of the packages contain features in different dimensions. 

Key benefits

Collaborate to combine machine data and machine expertise
Performance Transparency
Available anytime
Secure Connection
Designed and developed based on the highest data and cybersecurity standards

Manage your challenges successfully


This is where Syntegon’s Digital Solutions come in: as a leading supplier of processing and packaging technology, we have decades of experience in mechanical engineering for the pharmaceutical and food industries, combined with extensive software skills and the right partners.

These elements culminate in a holistic approach to advanced data analytics. Syntegon’s Digital Solutions portfolio addresses your production and maintenance needs by integrating various services, so that you can benefit from proven and reliable solutions.

Your benefits:
  • Increased equipment effectiveness
  • Monitor, improve and share – transparently, anytime, and anywhere
  • Machines, tools, and expert knowledge – everything from a single source

Why Syntegon Services?

Our expertise, your advantage

A comprehensive service portfolio lays the foundation for smooth production processes. We at Syntegon support you throughout the entire machine lifecycle, from spare parts management to digital line optimization. Service agreements are a key element of our portfolio structure. We minimize production risks and maximize the efficiency of your equipment by working with you as equal partners.


Digital solutions downloads

Brochure Synexio
Brochure Synexio